Dan's Tackle Box

New Hampshire, 11/2018

It was cold in New Hampshire, reaching single digit highs. I brought my ice fishing auger and tip ups, but the ice on Little Beaver Pond, behind our rented cabin, could not hold my weight.

We visited Durgin Covered Bridge, on the Cold River, to take pictures. New Hampshire fishing rules are strict. There is no fishing this river betweeen October 16 and December 31.

Ossipee Lake may not be iced over. Tomorrow I would go there.

The long Thanksgiving weekend was supposed to include fishing. That was the plan. However, we woke to fire alarms and smoke in the house Friday morning. After the firemen and their five engines cleared, we went back into the cabin, now without heat, to gather our suitcases and the leftover turkey. The furnace was burnt out.

Needing a place to stay, we found a condo rental online in the Loon Mountain area and hit the road in our pajamas.

The circumstances kept me from fishing. This vacation turned out to be not so much an entry in a fishing log, but instead more of a reconnaissance trip for another time.

Fire engines

Little Beaver Pond


Durgin Covered Bridge


More signs



Another view