Dan's Tackle Box

Ashland Reservoir, Ashland, MA, 3/21/2019

Two days ago the res was stocked with rainbow trout through a broken patch of ice at the boat launch. Of course scads of fishermen showed up. No one I chatted with caught anything or heard of any hookups here. The running Cold Spring Brook, the middle, and some areas of west facing shoreline were free of ice. The rest was locked up. I definitely did not expect anyone to be ice fishing, but there was. Very curious about this I started a conversation with the intrepid group of three fishermen. According to them there was five inches of ice where they were standing, which was practically right on top of where hundreds of fish were just dumped, but there was only a couple of inches of ice in nearby areas they pointed out. Their story was that yesterday the shoreline was crowded, so they needed to get creative.

Ashland Reservoir